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Legacies of a Lifetime helps you create a connection between all generations of your family by preserving and sharing life stories, memories, beliefs, and values.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You’re a member of the silent generation. You lived through the Depression, World War II, and all of the changes that came afterwards. Will your children and grandchildren know what life was like during your childhood and what your hopes and dreams were? Have you taken the time to reflect on how your experiences shaped you into the adult you became?
  • You’re the child of aging parents. You’ve heard a lot of your parents’ stories, but no one has written them down. And what about the stories they’ve never told you? They’ll be lost forever after your parents are gone.
  • You’re the parent of growing or grown children. Will your kids have an appreciation of their grandparents’ lives? Is there a way to help them understand that history is personal, not just what they study in school?
  • You’ve tried writing your own memoir and could use some coaching to help find your “voice” or to get unstuck. Or you’ve finished your manuscript and need professional editing to make it shine.
  • You have hundreds of family photos, in albums, shoe boxes, or bags. You know you should scan them, but you don’t have the time or the equipment to do it yourself.
  • A loved one will soon be celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary. Your family would like to honor the occasion with a special gift that pays tribute to the celebrant’s life.

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Your family needs